Clinical Documentation

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Clinical Documentation

Clinical documentation is a yearly requirement each year you are in a Clinical Placement Course/s (1st year - Nurs-1512; 2nd Year - 2511/2520; 3rd Year - 3511/3512/3513; and 4th Year - 4501/4502/4503). 

  • Deadline Date for 1st Year Students:  October 20th
  • Deadline Date for Years 2, 3 & 4:  June 1st
  • All documents required must cover the full upcoming academic year.  Any document required that expires during the upcoming academic year must be renewed/re-certified early to ensure it makes the deadline date and covers you for the full year level you are in.


Under each Year Level you will see information pertaining to that year.

Please see under "Documents", more in-depth information on each requirement.