Clinical Documentation

BSCN Compressed & BSCN Collaborative Programs


** Update for 2020 **

All BLS certificates are a 1 year expiry.  Nursing will apply a 2 year expiry on these certificates which is valid only while you are a student of Nursing.   That means:

  •  If you came in to Nursing in 2019 with a BLS certificate, you would renew your BLS in the spring prior to the deadline date for 3rd year ensuring it will cover the balance of your academic years (3 & 4).
  • If you came in to Nursing with an existing CPR (HCP level), and the expiry date is still valid, please ensure you know when your expiry date is and renew to a BLS in time to meet the deadline date.
  • Be aware that the 2 year expiry applied by the School of Nursing is good only while you are a student of Nurslng.  When applying for a job, agencies will require a current BLS certificate. 

First Aid is not required by Nursing therefore it will not affect when your BLS certificate will need to be renewed.  First Aid, Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy are not a requirement for the Nursing program.


Clinical Documentation

Clinical documentation is a yearly requirement each year you are in a Clinical Placement Course/s (1st year - Nurs-1512; 2nd Year - 2511/2520; 3rd Year - 3511/3512/3513; and 4th Year - 4501/4502/4503). You must also register for "Clinical Documents Year ___", (Nurs-1990-FA; 2990-FA; 3990-FA & 4990-FA) when clinical placement courses.   Third Year Compressed program, in spring/summer, is the only group that doesn't have 3990 to register for.   

Deadline Date for 1st Year Students:  October 20th

Deadline Date for 2nd, 3rd & 4th year:  June 1st prior to the upcoming Academic year.

 All documents must cover the full academic year (1st day of Fall Term to last day of classes of Winter Term).  If you have a document that expires within the academic year it must be renewed early, to ensure that it covers the full academic year and meets the deadline date.  Your yearly requirements must not be processed until after the last day of winter classes in order to be valid for the upcoming academic year.  Check the Academic Dates on Lakehead University website for exact dates.


The information that is collected is required in order for you to attend clinical placements.