Clinical Documentation

3 Year Compressed & 4 Year BScN Programs


Required Clinical Placement Documents

Your choice of career path requires you to meet specific health and safety standards as outlined by Ontario law. The Ontario government and the organizations offering you professional placements have mandated specific medical and non-medical requirements that must be met by you, before you can begin any professional placements. These measures are there to protect you, your colleagues and those that you will serve in your placement. Lakehead University is committed to meeting standards of practice by ensuring that students attain and maintain required certifications and meet recommended immunization standards.

Clinical documentation is a yearly requirement for clinical placement courses in the nursing program.

1st year - Clinical course NURS 1512

2nd Year - Clinical courses NURS 2511 and NURS 2520

3rd Year - Clinical courses NURS 3511, NURS 3512, NURS 3513

4th Year - Clinical courses NURS 4501, NURS 4502, NURS 4503 

Please see under "Documents", more in-depth information on each requirement.  

Have questions?

We understand that you may have questions about what you are required to do in order to meet requirements for your future clinical placements.  To help you, we’ve collected some "Frequently Asked Questions"