Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

    • A Tuberculin Skin test is an annual requirement. 
    • TB skin tests are to be done in a clinic by a Health Care Provider (HCP) who routinely does TB skin tests. 
    • Lakehead University Student Health and Wellness does TB skin testing.  There are also many Walk-in Clinics that do TB Skin tests, or your Health Care Provider may be able to perform the test.  
    • There is both a 2-Step and 1-Step TB Skin Test form under "Forms" at  The HCP must complete this form and provide all the information as shown on the form.  If the HCP uses their own form (stationary) they must show the following:    
      • Date Administered // Date Read // Result (for each step done).  
      • Also, the HCP's name (printed) and signature along with the clinic name and full address is required.  
      • If it was a different person who administered the test than the person who read the test then both names and signatures need to be included on the form.

    *       TB skin tests are not to be done by a family member nor a place of work unless they have a specific area (i.e. Occupational Health) where TB testing is regular practice.

    *       TB skin tests recorded on immunization records are not accepted. 


    1st year Nursing Students:
    2-step TB skin test is required.  A 2-step TB skin test requires 4 appointments with a Health Care Provider:

    - 1st appt. – Test is administered;

    - 2nd appt. - student returns within 48 - 72 hours for test to be read;

    If 1st test is negative then,

    - 3rd appt. is to be arranged 7-21 days after the first, for the 2nd Test (using the alternate arm);

    - 4th appt., student returns 48 - 72 hours after to have that test read. 

    It is preferred that the student bring the 2-Step TB Skin Test Form (found on Nursing website under "Forms" tab) to the appointments for the HCP to fully complete.

    Note:  If a previous 2-Step TB Skin test had been done, a copy of that document plus a copy of a current 1-Step TB skin test can be submitted (ensuring the 1 Step covers the upcoming academic year).


    Returning Nursing Students:
    A 1-Step TB skin test is an annual requirement. 1-Step TB skin test form is under "Forms" and is preferred that your test be recorded on that form.  Your HCP can provide their own stationary as long as it shows:  Date administered, Date read and Result, along with HCP name (printed), signature and name of clinic with full address - stamp with info is fine.


    *If TB Skin test result is 10 mm (positive) or over the student must have a chest x-ray.  An "asymptomatic" student whose x-ray indicates no active disease may attend class/clinical. No further TB skin tests should done once a student has had a positive result.


    **If a previous Tuberculin skin test was done and the result was positive, a copy of that test along with a copy of the x-ray report are to be submitted.  No further TB Skin testing is to be done.  During your time as a student of Nursing, if ever your Health Care Provider sends you for another x-ray, the School of Nursing would require a copy of that report.