Serology Report for Hepatitis B Immunity

Nursing Students must provide a serology report of their immunity levels for Hep B.  You will need a requisition from your Health Care Provider to get blood work done. When you have the requisition, you can then go to a lab (such as LifeLabs) and have your blood work done. 

If you have not had any Hep B vaccinations do not get blood work done until one month after the vaccination series is completed.  As an adult, three Hep B vaccinations are required.   

If your serology report shows that you are reactive (immune) to Hep B, submit this report, and no further actions are required.

If your serology report shows you to be non-reactive (not immune) to Hep B, further steps will be required

  1. If you had 2 childhood vaccinations (as is the standard in Canadian grade schools) and you are non-reactive, you are to get a 3rd vaccination and complete a follow-up serology one month after vaccination. 
  2. If this follow-up serology still shows you are non-reactive then consider this latest dose as your 1st vaccination of a new series, and you must complete the series in the required timeline (2nd HBV one month after the 1st HBV, and 3rd HBV to be done 5-6 months after the 2nd).  Another follow-up serology is required 1 month after 3rd HBV.  Proof of all vaccinations and the new serology report must be submitted to Synergy.
  3. If you had 3 vaccinations and serology shows you are non-reactive, you will be required to restart the full Hep B Series (another 3 vaccinations), with a follow-up serology one month after the final dose.

If you are doing 1., 2., or 3. (above) please ensure you include the original serology report that shows you are non-reactive to Hep B, along with proof of each additional vaccination received.