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Master of Nursing - Advanced Nursing Specialization 

Master of Nursing - Nurse Practitioner Specialization 

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner


Information Session and Admission Requirements - MN Programs

recording of our latest Virtual Information Session regarding our MN Program may be helpful in clarifying and answering some of your questions.

Alternatively, please see the most Frequently Asked Questions guide for answers to some of our most common program inquiries.

Also, below find a checklist of Requirements for the MN Program Applications by stream (NP or AN).

Requirements of the AN and NP streams of the Master of Nursing Program in a graphic format


Clinical Documents for MN Students

Here are all of the required forms for clinical documentation submission for Graduate Nursing, to be submitted with supporting documentation, any year a student will have a clinical placement.

Graduate Nursing Clinical Document Checklist

Graduate Nursing Required Clinical Immunization Record

TB 1 Step Skin Test

TB 2 Step Skin Test 

Graduate Nursing Records Check Letter


NP Travel Reimbursement Policy and Forms

Please read the Lakehead University NP Reimbursement Travel Policy to determine if your submission is eligible.

To submit a travel expense claim, please use the following 3 forms:

PHCNP Rural and Remote Clinical Placement Travel Reimbursement Form

Lakehead University Travel Authorization Form

Lakehead University Travel Expense Form

Submissions deadlines are September 15 and April 15, annually. Forms and accompanying documentation can be submitted to


AN Practicum Forms

The following forms are discussed in the NURS 5805: MN - Advanced Nursing Practicum Handbook.

Learning Plan

Students Injured or Exposed in the Clinical Setting - Policy and Procedure