N95 Mask Fit Testing

Students are required to be fitted with protective masks prior to commencing clinical practicums, with proof of testing submitted prior to the documentation deadline. 

 Mask Fit Testing is mandatory every two years.  Students entering into Year 1 must be tested and 2 years later a retest is required. 

Students coming into the program can provide an existing mask fit certificate as long as it covers the full upcoming academic year.  

Students who require a religious exemption should contact the School of Nursing for more information. 

 The list below of available mask sizes is subject to change.  

3M 1870+ is the preferred mask.
3M 1860 or V-flex 1804 (fit 1804 only if necessary)
3M 1860s or V-flex 1804s (fit 1804s only if necessary)
8210 should not be used a they are being phased out.
If you do not fit any of these sizes, the hospital may be able to offer specialty sizes (either 3M VFLEX 9105 & 9105s).  No other masks are acceptable.

Students who do an out of town placement in their final year will have to ensure that the mask they were fitted with is used in that organization.

Note:  3M has discontinued 3M 1870 (not to be confused with 1870+) and is no longer a valid mask.

Mask fit testing is offered on campus, please watch for emails to come.