Mission, Vision, and Values

Nursing Lab


We lead nursing education and scholarship in the promotion of health in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.


Graduates of the nursing program are leaders and advocates for health in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.


  •      Relational nursing practice that is respectful and collaborative;
  •      Professional practice that is ethical, competent, accountable, and knowledgeable;
  •      Care which is person centred and respects their values and goals while facilitating decisions to meet health care needs;
  •      Supportive, dynamic, empowering, and creative environments for learning and working;
  •      Practitioners who are committed to promoting social justice and equity locally, nationally, and globally; and,
  •      Scholarship/discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

Program Objectives for the BScN Program

The graduate of the BScN program:

  1. Demonstrates caring based on professional values and beliefs, including a valuing of the dignity and diversity of clients across the lifespan.
  2. Values self-reflection, critical thinking, a self-directed search for knowledge, and creativity in professional nursing practice.
  3. Demonstrates professional judgment in integrating theory and research into practice to enhance professional goals and client health.
  4. Demonstrates professional communication skills to support, promote, protect, and restore health.
  5. Advocates at many levels for policies that enhance the health of people.
  6. Supports, promotes, protects, and restores the health of clients. 
  7. Competently designs practice within the various roles and responsibilities of the professional nurse.


Strat Plan