Basic Life Support (BLS)

All students must have their BLS certification. Trainers who offer BLS may have slightly different names on the Certificate.  It could just say "Basic Life Support", "Basic Life Support (HCP)", "CPR BLS (HCP)" or "BLS Provider" (or slight variations of).   As long as your certificate contains a version of "Basic Life Support" or "BLS", it will be the correct certificate.

All BLS certificates have a one year expiry.  Regardless of the date of expiry on the BLS certificate, the School of Nursing will extend expiry to 2 years.  Then a new BLS certificate is required.

ON-LINE COURSES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.  You must attend the course in person.  Some providers will do the theory portion on-line and that is acceptable but the balance of the course (physical part) must be done in-person.

Your certificate must at least cover:

  • Covers all CPR level course material plus 2-person rescuer
  • Baby CPR and use of a Bag-Valve-Mask
  • Adult/Child/Baby CPR - one rescuer  
  • Adult/Child/Baby choking
  • Barrier devices/pocket masks
  • AED
  • Rescue breathing
  • Adult/Child/Baby 2-rescuer CPR
  • Bag-Valve-Masks (BVMs)