Potential Supervisors

The researchers listed here are members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and are eligible to supervise graduate students. Please refer to the links for additional information.

Dr. Alla Reznik

Dr. Alla Reznik is a specialist in photoconductive materials and technologies for radiation medical imaging.  The focus of her work is on solid-state technology for organ-specific Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The goal is an improvement in resolution and sensitivity over commercially available PET imagers. Another focus of her work is on advanced low-dose direct conversion x-ray imaging detectors based on novel x-ray-to-charge transducers.

Dr. Christine Gottardo

Dr. Gottardo is a synthetic organic chemist who is currently investigating the use of chiral ionic liquids in synthesis.  Her group is working to optimize the chiral induction afforded by these ionic liquids in a variety of reactions.  This work also explores the use of ionic liquids as green solvents.

Dr. Craig MacKinnon

Craig MacKinnon is an Inorganic and Materials chemist. Using synthetic organic, inorganic, and coordination chemistry, we are investigating the use of heteroaromatic rings for a number of purposes:

  1. organic semiconductors: tuning the electronic, solid-state, and thin-film properties of molecular semiconductors by introducing heteroatoms into the monomer rings that make up the material, then characterizing the optoelectronic and thin-film structures of the resulting materials
  2. crystal engineering: determining the solid-state effect of incorporating new heteroaromatic rings into node-and-spacer metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
  3. coordination chemistry of PET-active metals: certain metal isotopes can be used for positron-emission tomomgraphy (PET) imaging; we are developing ligand systems using naturally-occurring heteroaromatic rings as part of the ligand system designed to carry the imaging agent to the site of a disease
  4. green chemistry: developing new synthetic methods for building heteroaromatic systems that are more sustainable and environmentally benign