Current Student List

2024 Winter

Rubiya Mohammed

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-supervisors: Dr. Mitchell Albert

2023 Fall

Galina Nagicheva 

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-supervisors: Dr. Alla Reznik 

Mikhail Vostokov 

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-supervisors: Dr. Alla Reznik


  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-supervisors: Dr. Rob Mawhinney

Faiza Ilyas

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-supervisors: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

2022 Fall

Francis Agada 

  • Thesis: On-surface synthesis and electronic properties of single-layer 2D metal-organic frameworks (2D-MOFs)
  • Supervisor: Dr. Maryam Ebrahimi

2022 Winter

Hamzeh Nakhaei Niya 

  • Thesis: Electronic and Chemical Properties of Epitaxially Grown 2D Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs)
  • Co-supervisors: Drs. Maryam Ebrahimi and Mark Gallagher

2021 Fall


  • Thesis: Development of Mid-IR Laser
  • Supervisor: Dr. Gautam Das

Yang Mao

  • Thesis: Development of Small Molecules Targeting Protease-Activated Receptor 2 (PAR2) as Potential PET Imaging Agents for Cancer
  • Supervisor: Dr. JQ Hou

Ebenezer Essilfie

  • Thesis: Application of lignin in mineral process formation - flotation and floculation
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

2020 Fall

Navneet Kaur  

  • Thesis: Photonic Device Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering for the Detection of Chemicals
  • Supervisor: Dr. Gautam Das

Saba Khodavandegar

  • Thesis: Functionalized Lignin Chitosan Aerogel
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

Dong Zhao  

  • Thesis: Design, Synthesis and preclinical evaluation of radiolabeled small Molecules for Imiagin of Aurora Kinases with PET
  • Supervisor: Drs. Jinqiang Hou and Christine Gottardo

2020 Winter

Berek Kadikoff

  • Thesis: Interaction of Hydrogen with Nanostuctures
  • Supervisor: Dr Dimiter Alexandrov