Research Interests of our Faculty and Adjunct Professors

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  • Khaper, Neelam - Redox regulation and cardiomyopathy.
  • Kurissery, Sree - Bacterial attachment on surfaces and bio-corrosion.
  • Law, Dave - Plant biochemistry; molecular biology; biotechnology.
  • Lees, Simon - Biomedical sciences involving aging, cancer cells, stem cells, and musculoskeletal diseases.
  • Leung, Kam - Environmental microbiology. Biotechnology.
  • Malek, Lada - Plant protein degrading enzymes; biology of alpine plants.
  • Matheson, Carney - Forensic, medical, archaeological, palaeontological and molecular biology.
  • Murray, Christopher - Polymer physics; biophysics; materials science; wastewater and storm water treatment; turfgrass science.
  • Omeljaniuk, Robert - Physiology and cellular biology of brain pituitary complex in fishes.
  • Qin, Wensheng - Biotechnology for industrial enzymes and bioproducts. Algae biotechnology and bioenergy.
  • Schraft, Heidi - Molecular food microbiology.
  • Suntres, Zacharias - Role of oxidants and antioxidants in health and disease. Drug delivery systems.
  • Tocheri, Matthew - Evolutionary history and functional morphology of the human and great ape family, the Hominidae. Osteology.
  • Ulanova, Marina - Host-pathogen interactions. Innate immune responses to pathogenic bacteria. Clinical immunology. Immunoepidemiology of infections caused by encapsulated bacteria. Immunodeficiency states. Vaccinology. Immune response to immunization.
  • Varney, TamaraBioarchaeology (osteology, palaeopathology, palaeodietary reconstruction/stable isotope analysis), historic cemetery archaeology, forensic anthropology.
  • Zehbe, Ingeborg - Virus-related cancer with a focus on Human Papillomavirus (HPV).  Anishinaabek cervical cancer screening study (ACCSS).


  • Algar, Adam - From local interactions to global distributions, we strive to understand how (and if) climate shapes the origins and future of biodiversity.
  • Carney, Joseph - Parasites of freshwater fishes; host parasite biogeography and evolution; conservation of freshwater mussels; phylogenetic systematics.
  • Hecnar, Stephen - Population, community and landscape ecology; conservation biology; biogeography.
  • Hughes, Janice - Avian systematics; evolution; ecology.
  • Kanavillil, Nanda - Microorganisms and their effect on fresh-water and salt-water.
  • Lee, Peter - Wetlands ecology, wild rice, mining reclamation, botany.
  • Mackereth, Robert - Influence of landscape disturbance on stream aquatic communities.
  • Mallik, Azim - Plant ecology, disturbed habitats.
  • Morris, DouglasEvolutionary ecology, habitat selection, species coexistence, and conservation of biodiversity.
  • O'Connor, Constance - Understanding how ecosystem changes (e.g., climate, land-use, fisheries) impact freshwater fish; physiological and behavioural ecology. Wildlife Conservation Society Canada (WCS).
  • Rempel, Robert - Landscape, spatial, and riparian ecology.
  • Rennie, Michael - Food webs, aquatic ecology, bioenergetics, mercury, Great Lakes, Experimental Lakes Area, biotelemetry, hydroacoustics, and quantitative fisheries biology.

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