Stephen Hecnar


Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 343-8250
+1 (807) 343-8670
Office Location: 
Office: CB4039
Lab: CB3021
Office Hours: 
Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Academic Qualifications: 

HBSc Lakehead University, Thunder Bay ON

MSc,PhD University of Windsor, Windsor ON
Previous Teaching/Work: 


Biology 2210 / Environmental Studies 2210 Introductory Ecology
Biology 3151 Biogeography
Biology 4117 Advances in Contemporary Ecology
Biology 4435 Herpetology
Biology 5151 Advances in Contemporary Ecology
course outline
Research Interests: 

Population, Community and Landscape Ecology; Conservation Biology; Biogeography. Biodiversity and spatial dynamics of vertebrate communities. Relative roles of local vs. regional processes in structuring communities. Metapopulation dynamics, macroecology, conservation, ecotoxicology, and herpetology.