Sree Kurissery

Dr. Sreekumari (Sree) Kurissery


Phone Number: 
+1 (705) 330-4008ext. 2629
Office Location: 
OA 3010
Academic Qualifications: 

BSc Kerala 1981; MSc1984, PhD Cochin University of Science & Technology 1991

Previous Teaching/Work: 


Biology 2035 Human Physiology Survey
Biology 2171 Genetics
Biology 2230 Cell Biology
Biology 2711 Biology of Microorganisms
Biology 3671 Evolutionary Concepts
Biology 3711 Pathogenic Microbiology
Biology 3770 Biology of Food Safety
Biology 4711 Applied & Environmental Microbiology
ENSU 3073 Environmental Biotechnology
ENSU 1033 Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
ENSU 4901 Honours Thesis in Environmental Sustainability
INTD1010  Foundations of Inquiry
Research Interests: 

Environmental microbiology; water quality indicators; biofilms; microbiologically influenced corrosion (biocorrosion); water pollution; antibacterial metals.