Sarah Shruiff

Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation (Parks & Tourism)
East Gwillimbury, ON

I chose to come to Lakehead for the Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Tourism program and for the beautiful Thunder Bay campus. This program is absolutely fantastic and unlike any other. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in ORPT and have learned more than I could have imagined. ORPT has a great sense of community. Students of all year levels and professors not only know you by name, but also, are willing to take the time to know you as a person.

In Outdoor Rec, we have a really unique opportunity to go on backcountry camping trips with professors and classmates. This makes for a tight-knit community that supports each other. These trips have happened on local, national, and international levels. For me, one of the highlights of my university career has been the Battlefield Tourism trip to the Western Front in Europe. We had the opportunity to travel to battlefields sites from WWI and WWII and conducted research on how these sites were managed and presented. I was able to take what I had learned in many other courses and pull it all together in this fourth year course. It not only was a great academic opportunity but a personal one as well. 

Another highlight was combining work on my undergraduate thesis with my summer employment at Ontario Parks. It was a great experience working with the Park system to reach my goals. I learned about the entire research process and had great networking opportunities.  

My experience at Lakehead has been phenomenal and I am proud to be a Rec'er. This program has challenged me academically, physically, and mentally, and in the end it is all worth it. My challenges varied from sleeping in a qhinzhee in the middle of February and lighting a fire without matches to completing an undergraduate thesis and working on projects with local communities. Opportunities at Lakehead University – particularly in ORPT – are what you make of it and, if you so choose, your adventure awaits you.