College Transfer Students

Lakehead University has options for every type of college transfer student. Below, you will find information about turning your diploma into a degree. Before you select your applicant type below, please review the important deadline dates for the current application cycle:

Important Deadline Dates

Recommended Application Deadline

March 1, 2022

Applications will still be accepted after this date pending space availability.

Some programs (e.g. Nursing) have earlier application deadline dates. Ensure that you are checking this site.

Deadline to Accept Offer 

May 2, 2022

Deadline to Submit Confirmation Deposit Payment

June 1, 2022

Deadline to Meet Admission Conditions & Submit Final Official Transcripts

July 4, 2022 (for Domestic Applicants)
July 11, 2022 (for International Applicants)


Select Your Applicant Type

Please select one of the following options that applies to you: 

I am interested in applying for admission to one or more of the diploma to degree college transfer pathways.
I am interested in applying for admission to the Engineering College Transfer Program.
I am interested in applying for admission to a degree program that does not have a college transfer pathway.
I completed some college but I did not receive my diploma.
I attended a Bible college and am interested in transferring to a degree program at Lakehead University. 
I attended a college but I am not sure what option to select. 

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