General Admission Requirements & Application Details for International Students

General Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission as an International Student, you must currently reside outside of Canada and you are not a Canadian citizen. To meet the General Admission Requirements to Lakehead, you will need the following:

  • Successful graduation from an academic secondary school program or equivalent (For most countries, the same academic preparation as is required for university entrance in that country is required for consideration. Refer to Admission Requirements by Country.
  • Program-Specific Prerequisite courses completed at the senior level (e.g. Grade 12);
  • Equivalent of a minimum 70% overall final average (Canadian)

Note: Meeting the minimum admission requirements is not a guarantee of admission.

Note: Should your academic background not reflect your true potential for success, the Academic Support Access Program acts as an entryway for students whose academic average falls slightly below the required admission average. Applicants are automatically considered for admission to the Academic Support Access Program, subject to program eligibility.

In addition to the General Admission Requirements, please also review the Program Specific Pre-requisites to determine what particular courses you will require from your academic background. Pre-requisite courses must be completed at the senior level (e.g. Grade 12).   

Program Specific Requirements

To determine your program-specific prerequisite requirements, choose from the drop-down menus below:

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How to Apply

If you are an international student interested in full-time or part-time studies at Lakehead University, or if you are using an approved agency or pathway partner, you can apply directly through the Lakehead University Undergraduate Application

If you are interested in the One-Year Honours Bachelor of Social Work program or the Two-Year Bachelor of Education program, you can apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre.

If you would like to apply to Academic English Program (AEP) only, and not any other academic program at Lakehead, apply through the Lakehead University Undergraduate Application (program code AZE, under 'special student programs').

Required Documentation

Applicants are to submit the following required documentation as part of the application process.

  1. Official Transcripts
    1. Lakehead University may require undergraduate applicants to submit an International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) from World Education Services (WES) Canada for verification as part of the admission process.
    2. If you are studying in a private high school, a school profile will be required.
  2. Course Syllabi
  3. Language Proficiency Requirements (if applicable)
  4. Consent Form & Reference Letter (Nursing transfer applicants only)

If you are applying to our Media, Film & Communications or our Music programs, you will need to satisfy additional requirements. Learn more about the Media, Film & Communications portfolio requirement and the Music audition and theory test requirements

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit refers to the number of course equivalents you may be awarded towards your Lakehead degree based on previous (accredited) post-secondary studies at the university level. International students that have studied at the college or university level are required to submit institutionally prepared course syllabi in order to be considered for transfer credit.

Important Deadline Dates

Lakehead University will continue to accept applications and reserves the right to close admission to any program, prior to or after the deadline date quoted, upon all places being filled by qualified applicants.  Therefore, applicants are advised to apply and submit the required documentation as soon as possible.

Start Terms

Lakehead University is a two-term academic institution with an eight-month academic year (September to April). Lakehead offers full course equivalent credits (two term courses) and one-half course equivalent credits (one term courses). Most of our undergraduate programs are designed with courses that are calendared as full course equivalent credits, or half course equivalent credits that require successful completion of a Fall session prerequisite course. Because almost all of our programs require that a student begin their program of study at Lakehead University in the Fall session (September), it is recommended that a student begin their program of study in the Fall session (September).

As a result, students who choose to begin their academic studies in the Winter session will find the course selection extremely limited and will be restricted to attending on a part-time basis until the following Fall academic session.  Most study permits require that the applicant is a full-time student.

Therefore, it is recommended that you re-apply for Fall admission. If you decide that you would still like to begin your studies in the Winter (January) term, the original offer of admission (Letter of Acceptance) that was sent to you is valid for beginning your studies in either the Fall or Winter terms. This is the document that you will require for your study permit application.