Matt Campbell

Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science in Criminology
Orillia, ON

I chose Lakehead for several different reasons. The wide variety of scholarship and bursary opportunities that Lakehead offers makes it well worth the price of admission. Though Lakehead is a smaller university, I’ve found that the student council (LUSU) has done an awesome job in bringing large-scale university events to our smaller-scale student body. Most classes fall between 40-120 students, which has allowed me to engage in classroom discussion quite easily and at other times, seclude myself. The smaller class size offered here at Lakehead has made it really easy to connect with professors and other students. This feature has enabled me to do very well throughout my first 3 years. 

In the criminology program specifically, Dr. Curtis Fogel makes himself readily available at all times to students with any questions regarding academics and future employment. His efforts, along with many other professors at Lakehead bring a much-needed level of comfort to the education.

Additionally, Lakehead is one of the few new universities in Ontario. This offers nothing but benefits as all the technology used and facilities are brand new. Furthermore the classes are interesting and applicable for future endeavors since the new programs offer relevant and revised material. This combined with a growing and diverse student base has made my stay at Lakehead more than enjoyable.

If you want an education that is manageable yet challenging, allows you to interact with and seek advice from your professors, as well as get involved socially and athletically, Lakehead is the university for you! It’s been the perfect university to prepare me for my future.