Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science (Media Studies)
Orillia, ON

I chose to attend Lakehead because being in a smaller school setting is something that really appeals to me. I like being able to recognize a lot of faces wherever I go because it makes my school experience feel more personal.

Getting to interact with my profs is very beneficial. It's great to be able to have smaller class-sizes which are centered on critical discussion and debate, and it's nice to feel like there are people behind you who actively strive to see you succeed.

Academics are definitely important, but the relationships you form and the memories you make are just as important! I can't say enough about the group of friends I have made in my Media Studies program. They are the most genuine and generally awesome people I have ever met, and I'm pretty sure I'd be nowhere without them. We all have a lot in common, and I believe we are vital to each other's success.

Aside from my studies, I enjoy getting involved in clubs. I'm the co-chair of Communications for the new Lakehead Student Centre project, and being an active member of that committee has thrown me into student life in a whole new way, where I hone my media skills and help create a building focused entirely on students.