"LU is often pitched as being our “Hometown” university. It was a definite influencing factor that I was able to live at home and void a lot of costs that going away to other universities would heap on me, but it really was the opportunity to pursue a program that I was passionate that made me want to attend LU. I was specifically attracted to anthropology at LU because it offers a blend of science and history. In the program, I really got to branch out and experience different parts of the anthropological discipline from both biological and cultural areas. Simultaneously, I was able to pursue courses in chemistry, biology, and education in preparation for my future career. I also knew that LU would offer me hands on lab experience in my first year, which made it a really good choice.

I have been a writer for the Argus Student Newspaper for three years; I feel that getting involved in your community and having outlets are very vital as a student. Some of what I do when I’m not in the classroom is directed to prepare me for future careers, but more importantly they are all activities that are important to me personally and help me handle the stress of school.

I have realized that university is definitely about knowing how to balance life. I really have managed to figure out a balance between school, work, friends, and me time. Having the ability to compartmentalize and really manage my time well and be organized has really shaped me into a better student."