Civil Engineering
Bradford, Ontario

"Lakehead is full of professors and peers that have shaped and influenced my life both as a student and as a person.  The great thing about Lakehead is that the faculty loves what they do! Because they come to class wanting to teach and share their knowledge, students want to participate and learn.

I have been involved with the Engineering Student Society at Lakehead for two years and I have also gotten involved with Lakehead University’s Civil Society of Canadian Engineers. These groups have opened up my networking group as I can meet new people both in my program, at Lakehead and other engineering students across Ontario! Extra-curricular activities at Lakehead are always an amazing way to get active, meet new people, and embrace in the university experience.

I have participated in Lakehead’s GO ENG GIRL the past two years. This is a program that allows elementary and high school female students the opportunity to come to Lakehead and learn about the field of engineering."