Katie is looking right at the camera

HBASc (Biology & Psychology Specializations) Graduate - Orillia Campus
Orillia, ON

"My favourite thing about Lakehead is that the teachers are always available to talk to and to help you out. I also really like the small classes and how it's so much easier to learn in them

I chose to transfer to Lakehead from another university after 1st year to have smaller classes, improve my grades by being at a smaller campus, and to save money by living at home. I think the benefits of an education at Lakehead Orillia is being able to communicate regularly with teachers in person, being familiar with all the faces on campus, and having the opportunity to initiate new clubs, teams, and traditions because it's such a new school.

A memorable experience for me this year at Lakehead would have to be on our ecology field trip to Scouts' Valley. We were doing an aquatic analysis and spent a good portion of the day in and around a small creek, doing tests and trudging around in big hip waders. Although it was work, we all had a great day!"