HBA Psychology

Sioux Lookout, ON

I chose Lakehead because it offers a great Psychology program, and I knew that I could have a better learning experience being in more intimate classrooms and having more opportunity to communicate with my professors. The university atmosphere is very welcoming and supportive and is helping me reach my educational goals.

I feel that it is important for me to earn a university degree, and it is one of the many goals I wish to achieve in my life. I already have a diploma in Early Childhood Education, and receiving a degree in Psychology, and eventually a PhD in Child Psychology is a dream I have always wanted to pursue. I also want to make my family and my community proud of my accomplishments, and I want all of our people to know that it is possible to achieve their goals too. It is so important for Aboriginal people to continue in their education and be as successful as they can!

Lakehead University is very helpful in this and recognizes Aboriginal students in an encouraging and supportive way. Students are provided with assistance if needed, and I believe that this is what we need in order to feel confident in our studies. As well, there are always cultural events taking place and I am glad that the school is promoting and sharing Aboriginal cultural traditions, such as the traditional sweat lodge, smudging on campus, and the annual student run powwow.