2020-2021 Course Outlines

POLI-1100      YDE    Introduction to Political Science      

POLI-1100      YDF    Introduction to Political Science        

POLI-1301      YDE    Introduction to Law     

     1301 Fall Semester Outline - T. Rollo

     1301 Winter Semester Outline - A. Schenk                     

POLI-2110      FDE    Canadian Government & Politics      

POLI-2110      WDE   Canadian Government & Politics                                                                                          

POLI-2311      WDE    Criminal Law                                                                          

POLI 2311      WDF   Criminal Law                                                                  

POLI-2313      FDE    Human Rights and Civil Liberties     

POLI-2313      WDE   Human Rights and Civil Liberties     

POLI-2335      FDE    Politics, Govt. & Society US                                                                                                 

POLI-2339      WDE   Comparative Politics                                                                                                              

POLI-2510      WDE    Ancient & Medieval Pol. Thought                            

POLI-2617      FDE    International Law & Organizations                                                                                       

POLI-3111      FDE    African Politics                                  

POLI-3113      FDE    Law & Politics of the Family                                                                                                 

POLI-3215       WDE   Ontario Politics    

POLI-3250       WDE    The Politics of Food                  

POLI-3311      FDE    Third World Politics & Society                                                                                             

POLI-3331      WDE   American Presidency                                                                                                             

POLI-3332      WDE   Environmental Policy

POLI-3334      FDE    Comp. Indus. States Outside Europe                                                                                     

POLI-3515      FDE    Pol. Thought & Contemporary          

POLI-3619      WDE   Foreign Policies of Major Powers                                                                                         

POLI-3711      FDE    Public Administration                                                                                                            

POLI-4110      FDE    Research Methodology                                                                                  

POLI-4113      WDE   The Pol of Incarceration                                                        

POLI-4113      WDF   The Pol of Incarceration                                                                                            

POLI-4150      FDE    Modern Legal Theory                        

POLI-4150      WDE   Democracy & the Law in Film          

POLI-4215      FDE    Canadian Political Thought                                                               

POLI-4255      FDE    Canadian Public Policy                                                                                                          

POLI-4311      FDE    The Politics of Policing                                                                                                          

POLI-4315      WDE   Security & Conflict Resolution         

POLI-4513      WDE   Contemporary Political Thought       

POLI-4911      FDE    Tyranny and Democracy