Research Activities and Achievements
The strengths of the Department of Political Science are evidenced by the research and publication records of our Faculty, who have over the years been rewarded with SSHRC grants for research and conference activities, foundation grants, travel grants, and have consistently represented Lakehead University in internationally recognized journals, at scholarly conferences and on adjudicative bodies, task forces, curriculum review boards, community-focused committees and think-tanks. One faculty member has recently received substantial grants from Health Canada.  Another faculty member was awarded with a Merit Increment since 2001 every two years for his record of publication and research.  The same professor received The Distinguished Research Award in 2008.
Research Plan
As mentioned earlier the Department of Political Science is a research intensive department. All full-time faculty are active researchers and publishers. Members of the Department are keen to maintain and improve the research culture that currently exists.  Over the next five years we will focus on several factors which will enhance further the growth of an even stronger research profile.