2014-2015 Course Outlines

Thunder Bay Campus

PS 1100 YA                Introduction to Political Science                   

PS 1100 YB                Introduction to Political Science                                       

PS 1301 YDE              Introduction to Law    Web Course                                    

PS 2212 FA                 Canadian Government                                                        

PS 2311 FA                 Criminal Law Outline

PS 2311 FA                 Criminal Law Supplementary Outline

PS 2311 FA                 Criminal Law Essay Option                      

PS 2313 WA               Human Rights and Civil Liberties                

PS 2315 WA               Law and Politics of the Family                     

PS 2335 FA                 Politics, Government & Society in the US   

PS 2339 WA               Comparative Politics                                     

PS 2510 FA                 Ancient & Medieval Political Thought        

PS 2617 WDE             International Law and Organizations             Web Course                        

PS 3313 FA                 Third World Area Studies                                                      

PS 3331 FA                 Special Topics:  Quebec Politics                  

PS 3334 FA                 Comp. Indust. States out Europe                   

PS 3335 WA               Political Tactics                                                                             

PS 3337 WA               Canadian Federalism                                                          

PS 3351 WA               Aboriginal Peoples and the Law                   

PS 3619 WA               Foreign Policies of Major Powers                 

PS 3713 WA               Canadian Public Administration                   

PS 4101 YA                Undergraduate Honours Thesis          Please contact the Department

PS 4110 FA                 Research Methodology                                  

PS 4150 WA               Topics in Law:  Freedom and the Law          

PS 4217 FA                 Constitutional Politics in Canada                                       

PS 4335 FA                 Political Strategy                                           

PS 4615 WA               Global Political Economy                 

PS 4911 WA               Special Topics:  Canadian Identity Politics              

 Orillia Campus

PS 1100 YAO             Introduction to Political Science                               

PS 2311 FAO              Criminal Law                                                                

PS 2313 FAO              Human Rights and Civil Liberties                

PS 2510 WAO            Ancient & Medieval Political Thought        

PS 2611 FAO              World Politics                                               

PS 3332 WAO             Environmental Policy                                                     

PS 4615 WAO            Global Political Economy