Course Outlines 2008-2009

2009 Spring and Summer Course Outlines  


PS 1100 SDE     Introduction to Political Science - WEB BASED
class runs from May 4 - July 23
class runs from May 4 to May 25
class runs from May 26 to June 15


PS 3311 ADE    Third World Politics and Society - WEB BASED
class runs from July 6 to August 13

2008-2009 Course Outlines

PS 1100 YA        Introduction to Political Science                   

PS 1100 YB        Introduction to Political Science                   

PS 1301 YDE     Introduction to Law - Distance Education
PS 2311 FA        Criminal Law - Supplementary Outline                                          

PS 2313 WA       Human Rights and Civil Liberties                 

PS 2335 FA        Politics, Government and Society in U.S.                 

PS 2339 WA       Comparative Politics                                      

PS 2510 FA        Ancient and Medieval Pol. Thought              

PS 2611 FA        World Politics                                    

PS 2617 WDE    International Law & Organizations - Distance Education                   

PS 3215 FA        Ontario Politics                                              

PS 3217 WDE    Local Government in Canada - Distance Education                         

PS 3333 FA        Comparative Study of Industrial States In Europe               

PS 3334 WA       Comparative Study of Industrial States Outside Europe                  

PS 3351 WA       Aboriginal Peoples and the Law                    

PS 3355 WA       Public Policy and Development                     

PS 3517 FA        Modern Political Thought                  

PS 3617 FA        Foreign Policy Decision Making                    

PS 4101 YA        Undergraduate Honours Thesis - Please contact the Department

PS 4110 FA        Research Methodology                      

PS 4211 FA        Native and Northern Political Movements    

PS 4215 WA       Canadian Political Thought

PS 4255 WA       Canadian Public Policy                                  

PS 4312 FA        Foreign Policies of Japan, China and India               

PS 4330 WA       Theories of the State                                      

PS 4335 FA        Political Strategy                                            

PS 4555 WA       Politics of Public Policy