Programs and Course Offered

The Political Science and Political Science Pre-Law degree programs include courses in the fields of: Canadian Politics, Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Politics and Law, and Public Administration and Policy. Political Science involves the systematic analysis of the theory and practice of political organizations, institutions, ideologies, public policy, public administration and law. A degree in Political Science can serve as a foundation either for further studies at the graduate level (in political science, public policy or public administration, or in any of the growing numbers of interdisciplinary graduate programs), or for careers in public administration, law, journalism, public relations, teaching, and the private sector.

The department offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, and the Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree.

The following Political Science programs are offered:

Each program is marked with a TB, O or W designation to distinguish where each program is available.
(TB = Thunder Bay campus, O = Orillia campus, W = online)

BA (Political Science Major) TB O
BA (Political Science Major) Pre-Law TB
BA (Economics and Political Science Majors) TB
Honours BA (Political Science Major) TB O
Honours BA (Political Science Major) Transfer Program TB
Honours BA (Political Science Major) Pre-Law TB
Honours BA (Economics and Political Science Majors) TB
BA (Economics and Political Science Majors) 4 Yr TB
Honours BA (Political Science and History Majors) TB
Honours BA (Philosophy and Political Science Majors) TB
Honours BA (Political Science and Women's Studies Majors) TB
Minor Program in Political Science TBO
Minor Program in International Politics TBO