Course Outlines


PS 1100 YA                Introduction to Political Science                   

PS 1100 YB                Introduction to Political Science                   

PS 1301 YDE              Introduction to Law                                       

PS 2213 FA                 Canadian Political Processes                         

PS 2311 FA                 Criminal Law Outline    

                                     Supplementary Course Outline

                                     Essay Option                                                                          

PS 2313 WA               Human Rights and Civil Liberties                

PS 2315 WA               Law and Politics of the Family Outline

                                    Supplementary Course Outline

                                    Essay Option

                                    Assignment Option                     

PS 2611 FA                 World Politics                                                            

PS 2617 WDE             International Law and Organizations                                     

PS 3215 FA                 Ontario Politics                                                          

PS 3217 WA               Local Government in Canada                       

PS 3333 FA                 Comp. Study of Indust. States of Europe      

PS 3338 WA               Comparative Federalism                                           

PS 3351 WDE              Aboriginal People and the Law                                                       

PS 3517 FA                 Modern Political Thought                                                      

 PS 3519 FDE             Special Topics:  The Arab Spring                             

PS 3617 FA                 Foreign Policy Decision Making                              

PS 3619 WA               Foreign Policies of the Major Powers                            

PS 3711 WA               Public Administration                                               

PS 4101 YA                Undergraduate Honours Thesis - please contact the Department                                 

PS 4110 FA                 Research Methodology                                              

PS 4150 WA               Topics in Law                                                

PS 4215 FA                 Canadian Political Thought                          

PS 4255 WA               Canadian Public Policy                                 

PS 4311 WA               Selected Problems in Comparative Politics  

PS 4315 WA               Security and Conflict Resolution                      

PS 4911 FA                 The Pol. of Charter of Rights and Freedoms


PS 1100 YAO              Introduction to Political Science

PS 2212 WAO             Canadian Government

PS 2410 FAO               Mass Media and Politics

PS 3215 WAO             Ontario Politics

PS 3311 FAO               Third World Politics and Society

PS 3314 FAO               Global Terrorism

PS 4315 WAO             Security and Conflict Resolution