Course Outlines 2006-2007


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 FALL/WINTER 2006-2007
Political Science 1100 YA:  Introduction to Political Science                         
Political Science 1100 YB:  Introduction to Political Science                         
Political Science 1301 YDE:  Introduction to Law- Web Based Course                
Political Science 2201 YA:  Canadian Government and Politics                     
Political Science 2311 FA:  Criminal Law                                                
Political Science 2313 WA:  Human Rights & Civil Liberties                        
Political Science 2315 WA:  Law & Politics of the Family                             
Political Science 2611 FA:  World Politics                                                   
Political Science 2617 FDE:  International Law and Organization                 
Political Science 3215 FA:  Ontario Politics - Supplementary Readings                                            
Political Science 3217 WDE:  Local Government in Canada                        
Political Science 3333 WA:  Comparative Study/Europe                                
Political Science 3351 WA:  Aboriginal Peoples & the Law                          
Political Science 3711 FA:  Public Administration - Essay Topics                             
Political Science 4101 YA:  Undergraduate Honours Thesis                         
Political Science 4255 WA:  Canadian Public Policy                                    
Political Science 4312 FA:  Foreign Policies of Japan                                  
Political Science 4330 WA:  Theories of the State                                        
Political Science 4336 FA:  Political Strategy II                                           
Political Science 4513 WA:  Contemporary Political Thought