Careers in Aboriginal Law

There are many career opportunities for students with an interest in Aboriginal law.

Students graduating with a JD degree from Lakehead University with an interest in Aboriginal law will have taken a minimum of three Aboriginal law courses (see Indigenous Course Offerings), and will have had the option to take further electives relating to Aboriginal law. All students will have a strong understanding of the cultural and historical issues which inform modern Canadian and Aboriginal relations.

Our students now in second year used their interest in Aboriginal law to gain 1st year summer positions with various employers. Legal Aid Ontario hired 5 of our students for 6 available positions in communities across northern Ontario, including Kenora, Sioux Lookout, Timmins, North Bay, and Sudbury. See our Fall 2014 Newsletter for some of their experiences.

An article in Canada Lawyer Magazine by Richard Foot entitled "An economic transformation. Legal Report: Aboriginal Law" highlighted how Aboriginal Law is a growing and dynamic area of law.