Program Delivery

Master of Public Health programs, with the exception of specific course requirements for the MPH with Specialization in Nursing with Nurse Practitioner Electives, may be completed through Distance Education on either a Standard full-time or Flexible full-time basis.  The Master of Health Sciences offers Standard full-time or Flexible full-time, on-campus study.  

Courses for all Department of Health Sciences Master's programs are offered using a combination of Zoom videoconferencing technology for real-time scheduled classes and student meetings; e.g. for group presentations, and of Desire2Learn (D2L), a secure password-protected learning environment, for documents, links, e-mail and other course resources.

The connectivity using Zoom allows students to have direct audio and visual contact with the course instructor and with other graduate students during class time and while working together on shared course assignments. In some classes, break-out sessions are structured into the course so that students have both large-and small-group learning experiences.

The D2L site contains a range of course-related documents, links, and learning resources. The e-mail and/or drop box functions in the D2L site provide convenient ways for students to interact with the professor and classmates between classes. Online discussion activities provide opportunities for students to explore, discuss, analyze, and debate a range of course-relevant issues within the specific course. Assignments can be submitted using the drop box function, and messages can be provided to students on a day-to-day basis.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

Prior to using D2L, it is important to do a System Check to ensure your computer system is compatible with D2L. The System Check link is also available under the "Important Links" heading in each course site.

Also, be sure to visit Mycourselink System Check and Software Requirements for more information on the D2L platform requirements.

There are two ways to log into D2L:

  1. by logging into myInfo and clicking the mycourselink link under "For Students";
  2. through the mycourselink login page.

Be sure to visit the "Help" link in Desire2Learn for tips and resources on using this application.


An introduction to using Zoom is available on the following Zoom sites: