Full-Time Vs Flex-Time

Standard Full-Time Period of Study

Students in a Master's program are expected to complete all requirements within six termsĀ (2 years) of continuous full-time registration.

Flex-Time Period of Study

The Flex-time option is only available to students in the following programs:

  • Master of Education
  • Master of Public Health and;
  • Master of Public Health with Specialization in Nursing

Students in this option are expected to complete all requirements within 12 consecutive terms (4 years) as follows:

  • Six (6) terms (2 years) of continuous full-time registration;
  • Up to six (6) additional terms of continuous registration, during which no fees are required.

As the flex time option is intended for working professionals, students will not normally be considered for financial support from the University

Master Level Co-operative Programs

For co-op students in a Master's program, the duration of the co-op placement will be added to the time limits of the Standard Full-Time Period of Study.