Graduate Programs

We offer the following graduate programs:

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PhD Health Sciences

The PhD in Health Sciences is designed to be a research-intensive program emphasizing the development of research skills with a particular focus on vulnerable populations. It is a high quality graduate program in which students, faculty, and staff will be engaged together in intense research and scholarly work, including creative and innovative endeavours. For more information, click the following: Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences
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Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health program is primarily intended to build on the knowledge foundation of persons currently in the field of public health. The curriculum focuses on current issues in the science and/or service of public health, so that students may gain experience through opportunities in any of the fundamental disciplines that underlie public health. For more information, click the following: Master of Public Health
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Master of Health Sciences

The overall objective of the Master of Health Sciences program is to provide students with an understanding of the complexities of the health sciences through a focus on individuals, communities, and organizations. The program is primarily intended to prepare skilled graduates who will make a positive impact on health through involvement in research. For more information, click the following: Master of Health Sciences