Build capacity as an engaged health researcherFingers with puzzle pieces

with the PhD Health Sciences program!

The PhD program is housed in the Department of Health Sciences. The objectives of the PhD in Health Sciences program are to prepare graduates who are able to:

  • Discuss and critique current and emerging issues and trends in the fields of health sciences;
  • Design, carry out, and defend research at an advanced level to create knowledge relevant to the field of health sciences;
  • Conduct research and scholarly activities in a way that is consistent with expected guidelines, processes, and procedures in the field of health sciences

This on-campus program will include lectures/seminars, group discussions, independent study, hands-on learning, and one-on-one interaction with faculty members. The PhD in Health Sciences program may be completed on a full-time (12 terms/4 years) or flexible full-time (24 terms/8 years) basis. Note that, once admitted to the PhD in Health Sciences program, students are not permitted to change from the Standard Full-time option to the flexible full-time option, and vice versa.

The PhD in Health Sciences program requirements include the completion of 8.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs), including: 2 required courses (1.0 FCE), 2 graduate level elective courses (1.0 FCE), 1 Comprehensive Examination (1.0 FCE), a 400-hour Research Internship (1.0 FCE), and a PhD dissertation related to applied health (4.0 FCE). Students will also attend the Health Sciences Research Seminar (non-credit) throughout their program.

**Please note, that the PhD in Health Sciences program can only be completed at the Thunder Bay campus. This program is NOT available through the Orillia campus.**