Outland Youth Employment Program (OYEP) stops by the Department of Biology for Water Quality Assessment Activities

On the morning of August 2nd, Indigenous youth participating in the Mink Lake/Sandbar Outland Program stopped by the Department of Biology to learn some common techniques for assessing water quality.  Lead by the department's newest technician, Kristi Dysievick, youth measured water clarity and temperature before collecting water and benthic samples from Lake Tamblyn and the McIntyre River.

Youth brought their samples back to the lab where they identified invertebrates found in the sediment, some of which were determined to be invasive to our river system.  For water quality, students used probes and colourimetric kits to measure pH, colour, nitrate, and dissolved oxygen.

Biology Technicians Daniel Brazeau and Susanne Walford provided additional assistance.  Special thanks to Aquatic Ecologist/Benthic Taxonomist Nancy Serediak (Streamline Consulting) for volunteering her expertise and assistance with this activity.