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TA Positions are now posted.
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Spring/Summer Courses for 2013

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2013-2014 Northern Scientific Training Program

2013-2014 Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) Funding Opportunities

The federal government makes grants available every year for research on northern topics to graduate and senior undergraduate students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

The size of such grants range from $500 to $5,000, and are given to students across Canada in virtually all the physical and social sciences. They are meant to be research grants, supplemental to other money provided by students' faculty advisors or by the student.

It is important to note that the research funded by Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grants must be carried out in the North. The North is defined as the region north of the discontinuous permafrost zone—from Southern Yukon in the west to the section of Labrador south to, and including, Happy Valley and Hamilton Inlet in the east, as well as the seven Arctic countries (Finland, Greenland [Denmark], Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the US).

Each applicant must have a faculty advisor. Applications must be completed by the student and be submitted to the Centre for Northern Studies by Friday, Nov.16, 2012.

NSTP application forms are only available on-line, on the NSTP internet site.


Award Winning Students

It is with great pride that the Department of Biology congratulates award winning recipients at the 2012 Convocation.
BUCHKOWSKI, Robert (HBSc, Biology)
The Dean's Medal for Science and Environmental Studies (Four Year Program) awarded to the highest-ranking graduating students in Science and Environmental Studies.
The President's Award (Undergraduate) given annually to the graduating students who have occupied positions of responsibility in student organizations and who, by their activities and achievements, have earned the gratitude of the University
The Poulin Award awarded for outstanding citizenship presented to the full-time student selected by his/her fellows, the faculty and administration as contributing most to the welfare of the University through student activities.
Biology Prize awarded to the highest ranking student in Biology.

COCCIMIGLIO, John (HBSc, Applied Biomolecular Science)
The Governor-General's Silver Medal awarded to the highest-ranking student in the Honours Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

SUNDARARAJ, Vijayan (PhD, Forest Sciences)
Supervisors: Dr. Brian McLaren (Faculty of Natural Resources Management) and Dr. Douglas Morris (Department of Biology)
The President's Award (Graduate) given annually to the graduating students who have occupied positions of responsibility in student organizations and who, by their activities and achievements, have earned the gratitude of the University.

NSERC Grant Recipients

2012 Lakehead University NSERC Grant Recipients


Discovery Grant - Individual Operating Grants (5 year grants)

Dr. Rui Wang (Biology)
Regulation of mitochondrial function by hydrogen sulfide $235,000

Interaction Grants Program (3 month grants)

Dr. Ladislav Malek (Biology)
Mould and wood decay fungus identification and mitigation $3,400

Dr. Wensheng Qin Ontario Research Chair in Biorefining Technologies (Biology and Lakehead University Biorefining Research Institute)
Isolation and characterization of sulfate reducing bacteria in treatment of gold mine drainage $1,750
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OWSP Lab Tech Position

For more information about the LUEL (Lakehead University Environmental Lab Technician Position currently available through the Ontario Work Studies Program, search for job OWSP12.0033 on the LU Job Bank.

BIOFOR Conference Poster Winners

BIOFOR Conference Poster Presentation Winners

The BIOFOR Conference earlier this week sparked lively debate and gave bioenergy and biorefining researchers the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and ideas. Graduate students also participated in the conference and prepared poster presentations.

The conference, organized by Lakehead's Biorefining Research Institute (BRI) and Lakehead faculty, investigated the themes of bioenergy, biorefining, and the bioeconomy.

Nearly 70 participants from Canada, the United States, Brazil, and Turkey attended the conference and commended the organizers for the high scientific standard and the excellence of the key speakers and the scientific program. Many plan to return for the 2014 BIOFOR Conference.

The conference organizers thank Cheryl Jaspers with the Office of Research for all her hard work in ensuring the success of the BIOFOR Conference.

Congratulations to the BIOFOR Conference poster winners:

PhD Student Posters

1st Place - Miranda Maki, Lakehead University (BRI)
2nd Place - Kirby Calvert, Queen's University
Masters Student Posters
1st place - Gamini Nadu Kankanamge, Lakehead University (BRI)
2nd place - Alaa Alhazmi, Lakehead University (BRI)
Post-Doctoral Student Posters
1st  place - Iryna Kandybovich, Lakehead University (BRI)
2nd place - Balaji Venkatesagowda, Lakehead University (BRI)

OWSP Research Assistant Position

For more information on the Research Assistant Position available through the Ontario Work Studies Program, please search for OWSP12.0047 on the LU Job Bank.