Dr. David Law receives funding from ORF

(Thunder Bay – November 1, 2005)  Lakehead University has received $487,074 for five researcher projects from the Ontario Research Fund (ORF). 

The ORF is part of the newly created Ministry of Research and Innovation. The Ministry was created to ensure that Ontario is competing and winning in the marketplace of ideas.  The creation of this new ministry signals the importance the government places on strengthening Ontario as a leading, innovation-based economy and society.

Dr. Law's funded project:

Dr. David Law, Assistant Professor with the Department of Biology, received $103,714 for his project “Chromatin Architecture, Epigenetic, Biochemical and Molecular Approaches for Systems Biology Based Investigation of Gene Expression During Development and Stress in Plant Cells.”

Benefiting the Agriculture Industry while Creating a Environmental Benefits

This research project will increase the understanding of the regulation of gene expression during plant development and how it is impacted by development as well as exposure to stress. This funding will allow Dr. Law to look at how stress impacts plant metabolism from multiple metabolic angles by use of modern biochemistry and molecular biology equipment.  Specific research projects include investigation of gene expression in the stem cells and differentiating cells of potato meristems. Potato meristem research will reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying apical bud (eye) growth and may suggest a mechanism for its control in stored tubers, which will directly benefit Ontario farmers and agricultural processors.  Dr. Law will also research the improvement of the efficiency of atmospheric carbon assimilation in tree species. The use of biotechnology to produce plants expressing therapeutic proteins, improved nutraceutical profiles, and high capacities as carbon sinks have obvious societal, health, and environmental benefits.


The research conducted with this funding will have an added benefit of increased acceptance of genetically modified crops in Ontario, and will foster a greater understanding of plant metabolism so that it may benefit both the health of Ontarians and the environment of Ontario.