Dan Durston awarded SES Science Engagement Scholarship

The Department of Biology is pleased to announce that Daniel Durston was one of two SES students honoured on January 9, 2014 with receipt of the Annie Werbicka Childs Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies (SES) Science Engagement Scholarship.
This is a new scholarship awarded to full-time students entering second or third year of study in any of the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Programs on the basis of academic excellence and participation in extra- curricular science activities.
Dan is enrolled in the HBSc BIOL program and the Department is proud of his academic achievements and his involvement with numerous science based activities:
  • Summer NSERC in 2013,
  • Research internships with Dr. Douglas Morris and Dr. Lada Malek,
  • Assistant organizer of the 2013 workshop entitled Rapid Change in Canada's North hosted by Lakehead University,
  • Participant in the fall 2013 competitive conference entitled Careers and Research in Ecology and Evolution hosted by the University of Toronto.