Biology Students Participate in Undergraduate Research Conference, April 16-18

Lakehead University will be participating in the 23rd National Conference in Undergraduate Research from April 16-18.  Hosted by the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse, this conference regularly hosts 2,000 students and their faculty mentors to present their research through posters, oral presentations, visual arts, and performances.
Lakehead University will be sending six students, two from the Department of Biology.  Most of the research was conducted last summer under the supervision of a faculty mentor.
Amber Jarvinen
"Primer Design and PCR Optimization for Evolutionary Studies into Fresh Water Drum"
Faculty Mentor, Dr. Joseph Carney
Ashley Cerqueira
"Effects of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 mutants on the growth of Listeria biofilms"
Faculty Mentor, Dr. Heidi Schraft