Lakehead Paleoanthropologist helps Identify Homo naledi the latest hominin in Africa

Dr. Matthew Tocheri (Canada Research Chair in Human Origins) from the Department of Anthropology at Lakehead University has been involved in the identification of an extinct human ancestor, Homo naledi, the most recent new hominin species discovered. The remains of 15 individuals were recovered from the Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star cave system, in the region known as the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. Numerous hominin and hominid remains have been discovered in this region of which this is the latest. Dr Tocheri was one member of a large collaborative team aiming to determine the species of these new remains of which they concluded was a new species. This research endeavour extends from his previous involvement in the identification of Homo floresiensis “the Hobbit” discovered from the Liang Bua Cave, Indonesia, being identified as a new species of hominin.

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