Anthropology is the broad-based study of humans and our ancestors. From tracking ancient diseases to examining modern cultures, this discipline is critical to tracing our journey through time and exploring our existence today.

Are you interested in humankind, cultures and ancestry? Anthropology may be the program for you at Lakehead.

Interested in Anthropology?

Students interested in the Anthropology program at Lakehead University will learn....

  • The analysis of archaeological sites and artifacts
  • Human biocultural evolution and adaptation
  • World cultures and practices
  • DNA studies and forensic work

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the integrated biological and socio-cultural investigation of humankind, from the time of our hominid ancestors to the present, and encompassing small to large societies.

The Program will Include:

  • Lectures, seminars, labs and field work
  • Multiple streams of research including socio-cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology
  • Freedom to choose from a wide spectrum of electives
  • Cultural resource management skills development


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