Research Ethics

Research Ethics at the Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology at Lakehead University takes research ethics extremely seriously. All research involving humans and/or animals that is conducted by students, staff, and faculty of the Department must meet rigorous ethical standards as outlined by Lakehead University , the Tri-Councils, and other relevant local, national, and international institutions. At minimum, all such research must be reviewed and approved in writing by the Anthropology Ethics Board and/or the Animal Care Committee of Lakehead University. Review(s) by other institutions may also be necessary.

To begin the process of ethics review, download the relevant document from this website, provide the required information along with a cover letter, and submit the package to the Anthropology Ethics Board. The Board meets as necessary and will provide a written response within 10 working days. No research may commence until the approval of the Board has been granted. Please plan ahead.

Any questions about this process may be addressed to Dr. Tamara Varney, Department of Anthropology.

Thank you and good luck with your research!

For research involving humans
For research involving animals