2014-2015 Course Outlines

                                    2015 Spring and Summer                                               


Soc 1100 SDE:  Introduction to Sociology - Web CT

Soc 2221 SA:  Crime and Society - On Campus

Soc 2755 SDE:  Computers and Society- Web CT

Soc 2755 SDF:  Computers and Society - Web CT

Soc 2755 SDG:  Computers and Society - Web CT

Soc 2755 SDH:  Computers and Society - Web CT


Soc 2111 ADE:  Perspectives in Social Thought - Web CT

Soc 2112 ADE:  Friendship@facebook.com - Web CT

Soc 3107 AA:  Sociology of Women - Video-conferenced to the Orillia Campus



2014-2015 Thunder Bay Campus

Soc 1100 YA              Introduction to Sociology                   

Soc 1100 YB               Introduction to Sociology                                                      

Soc 1100 YC            Introduction to Sociology                              

Soc 1100 YD               Introduction to Sociology                              

Soc 2111 WA              Perspectives in Social Thought                      

Soc 2111 WB              Perspectives in Social Thought                      

Soc 2112 FA               Title:  Food, Culture and Globalization                                                                       

Soc 2112 WA              Title:  Ethno-Culture Relations                                           

Soc 2112 WB              Title:  Women In The North                                                                                

Soc 2221 YA               Crime and Society                                                               

Soc 2455 FA               Computers and Society                                                       

Soc 2501 YA               Family Sociology                                                                

Soc 2755 FA               Technology & Society                                                    

Soc 2755 WA              Technology & Society                                                       

Soc 2755 WB              Technology & Society                                                        

Soc 2817 FA               Sociology of the North                                                        

Soc 2911 FA               Social Research Traditions                                                 

Soc 3113 FA               Gender & Health (cc WS 3111)                         

Soc 3310 FA               Foundations of Social Research                     

Soc 3311 WA              Research Techniques and Data Analysis                        

Soc 3410 FA               Early Sociological Theory                                                    

Soc 3411 WA              Contemporary Sociology Theory                                        

Soc 3501 YA               Sociology of Education                                                       

Soc 3513 FA               Sociology of Aging                                         

Soc 3515 FA               Life Course Studies                                                             

Soc 3550 WA              Gender in Contemporary Social Life                                  

Soc 4113 WA              Individual(ism) 2.0                                                              

Soc 4313 FA               Problems and Issues in Research 

Soc 4319 FA               Qualitative Methods                       

Soc 4411 FA               Advanced Perspective in Social Theory                             

Soc 4511WA               Sociology of Disability                                   

Soc 4517 WA              Society, Culture and Nature                          

Soc 5111 FA               Problems & Issues in Sociology                                          

Soc 5112 WA              Quantitative Sociology    

Soc 5113 FA                Qualitative Sociology                                                   

Soc 5217 WA              Social Issues in the Canadian North                                 

Soc 5651 FA              The Body and Society      

2014-2015 Orillia Campus

Soc 1100 YAO             Introduction to Sociology

Soc 2111 WAO            Perspectives in Social Thought

Soc 2301 YAO             Sociology of Law - Please contact Dr. Jarman

Soc 2501 YAO             Family Sociology

Soc 2911 FAO             Social Research Traditions    

Soc 3310 FAO             Foundations of Social Research - Please contact Dr. Jarman

Soc 3411 WAO            Contemporary Sociological Theory

Soc 4113 FAO             Community Transitions - Please contact Dr. Jarman                 

Soc 4250 WAO            Law and Society - Please contact Dr. Jarman