2020-2021 Sociology Course Outlines

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Spring 2021

SOCI-2011 SDE     Youth and Canadian Society

SOCI 2221 SDE     Crime and Society

SOCI 2509 SDE     Sociology of Health and Illness

SOCI 2755 SDE     Technology, Society and Indigenous People in Canada

SOCI 3818 SDE     Women in the North

Summer 2021

SOCI 1100 ADE     Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 2111 ADE     Perspectives in Social Thought

SOCI 2755 ADE     Technology, Society and Indigenous People in Canada

SOCI 3811 ADE     Surveillance and Society

SOCI 4113 ADE     Sociology of Pandemics

Fall/Winter 2020-2021

SOCI-1100     YDE    Introduction to Sociology                                                                                          

SOCI-1100     YDF    Introduction to Sociology                                                                                          

SOCI-1100     YDG   Introduction to Sociology                              

SOCI-2110     FDE    Food, Culture & Society                                                                                            

SOCI-2111     FDE    Perspectives in Social Thought                                                                                 

SOCI-2111     WDE   Perspectives in Social Thought                                                                                                               

SOCI-2112     FDE    Friendship @ facebook.com   

SOCI-2113     WDE   Environmental Sociology                                                                                  

SOCI-2221     YDE    Crime and Society                                                                                                     

SOCI-2501     YDE    Family Sociology                                                                   

SOCI-2509     YDE    Sociology of Health and Illness                                                                     

SOCI-2755     FDE    Technology, Society & Indigenous Peoples in Canada                                            

SOCI-2755     WDE   Technology, Society & Indigenous Peoples in Canada                                                        

SOCI-2817     FDE    Sociology of the North   

SOCI-2911     FDE    Foundations of Sociological Research                                                                      

SOCI-3111     WDE   Sociology of the Body                                                                                                           

SOCI-3115     WDE   Food, Gender & Health 

SOCI-3116     FDE    Sociology of Violence                                   

SOCI-3205     YDE    “Race,” Ethnicity, & Social Justice                                                                          

SOCI-3311     WDE   Research Tech. & Data Analysis                               

SOCI-3312     FDE    Qualitative Methods                          

SOCI-3410     FDE    Early Sociological Theory                                                                                         

SOCI-3411     WDE   Contemporary Sociological Theory                                                                                       

SOCI-3501     YDE    Sociology of Education                                                                                             

SOCI-3513     FDE    Sociology of Aging                                                                                        

SOCI-3515     WDE   Life Course Studies               

SOCI-3613     FDE    Canadian Population                          

SOCI-3811     WDE   Surveilance & Society                                                                                               

SOCI-4113     FDE    Sociology of Pandemics 

SOCI-4113     WDE   Social Issues in the Canadian North              

SOCI-4114     FDE    Sociology of Healthcare                    

SOCI-4250     WDE   Law & Society           

SOCI-4305     YDE    Honours Thesis Seminar                    

SOCI-4313     FDE    Problems & Issues in Research         

SOCI-4317     WDE   Quantitative Methods            

SOCI-4411     WDE   Advanced Pers. in Social Theory       

SOCI-5111     WDE   Problems & Issues in Sociology                    

SOCI-5112     WDE   Quantitative Sociology  

SOCI-5113     FDE    Qualitative Methods                          

SOCI-5116     WDE   Gender, Health & Food Justice          

SOCI-5217     FDE    Soc. Issues in the Cnd North