2015-2016 Course Outlines

2016 Spring/Summer Course Outlines


1100 SDE:  Introduction to Sociology

2755 SDE:  Technology and Society

3113 SA:  Special Topics.  Topic:  Sociology of Everyday Life


2112 ADE:  Special Topics.  Topic:  Friendship@Facebook.com

2213 AA:  Social Problems in Canada

2214 AA:  Current Issues in Social Problems

2755 ADE:  Technology and Society

2755 ADF:  Technology and Society

2015 - 2016 Course Outlines - Thunder Bay Campus

1100 YA:  Introduction to Sociology

1100 YB:  Introduction to Sociology

1100 YC:  Introduction to Sociology

1100 YDE:  Introduction to Sociology - WEB CT

2111 WA:  Perspectives in Social Thought

2111 WB:  Perspectives in Social Thought

2221 YA:  Crime and Society

2501 YA:  Family Sociology

2509 YA:  Sociology of Health and Illness

2755 FA:  Technology and Society

2755 WA:  Technology and Society

2911 FA:  Social Research Traditions

3113 WA:  Gender and Health

3205 YA:  Race and Ethnic Relations

3310 FA:  Foundations of Social Research

3311 WA:  Research Techniques and Data Analysis

3410 FA:  Early Sociological Theory

3411 WA:  Contemporary Sociological Theory

3501 YA:  Sociology of Education

3513 FA:  Sociology of Aging

3515 WA:  Life Course Studies

3550 FA:  Gender in Contemporary Social Life

3555 FA:  Media, Culture and Society

4113 WA:  Sociology of the North

4313 FA:  Problems and Issues in Research

4319 FA:  Qualitative Research

4411 WA:  Power and Cultural Resistance

4517 FA:  Society, Culture and Nature

4551 FA:  Food and Culture

5111 WA:  Problems and Issues in Sociology

5112 WA:  Quantitative Sociology

5113 FA:  Qualitative Sociology

5115 FA:  From Thought to Expression

5217 FA:  Social Issues in the Canadian North

5631 WA:  Sociology of Health and Illness 

2015 - 2016 Course Outlines - Orillia Campus

1100 YAO:  Introduction to Sociology

1100 YBO:  Introduction to Sociology

2111 WAO:  Perspectives in Social Thought

2911 FAO:  Social Research Traditions

2301 YAO:  The Sociology of Law

3113 FAO:  Work in a Changing World

3310 WAO:  Foundations of Social Research

3311 WAO:  Research Techniques and Data Analysis

3410 WAO:  Early Sociological Theory

3501 YAO:  Sociology of Education

3555 FAO:  Media, Culture and Society

4250 FAO:  Law and Society