2008 TD Canada Trust Northwestern Ontario High School Mathematics Competition

Contest Date: April 30, 2008
Last Update: May 6, 2008
Questions?  The organizers can be contacted at  mathcontest@lakeheadu.ca
Mathematics today is increasing as the essential background of our quantitative and technological environment.  Some students now in high school will go on to successful careers in mathematics itself, but more will use and apply mathematical reasoning in a wide range of professions.  There are other well-established high school mathematics competitions, but mostly they seek to discover mathematical superstars, while we hope to stimulate the mathematical talents and the mathematical confidence of the stars and those going on to careers in teaching, information sciences, engineering, medicine, skilled trades, commerce, banking and business, and many others.  For example, one very important area of applications of Mathematics is genetics, of worldwide, national and particular interest to Northern Ontario.  
Mathematics is a group and social activity, and our competition emphasizes that aspect through concentration on team problem solving, in addition to individual efforts.  From our experience in the first five competitions we are encouraged by evidence that the team aspect is particularly attractive to those who participate.
This year's contest was our largest yet, with 180 students registered for the contest!  The schedule for this year's contest is given below:
08:45 - 09:30 - Registration (Ryan Building 1042)
09:30 - 11:00 - Individual Contest (Ryan Building 1042)
11:00 - 12:30 - Group Photo and Lunch at the Outpost
12:30 - 01:45 - Team Contest (teams will be assigned to rooms on day of contest)
01:45 - 02:15 - Prizes for Individual Contest
02:15 - 02:30 - Students Leave 
Contest Rules:  No caclulators are allowed.  Each contest, Individual and Team, is 75 minutes in length. 
Parking:  For teachers and/or students who drive to the contest, we will provide you with a parking pass.  Simply park your car, come to the Ryan Building to register, and we will give you a parking pass which you can take back out to your car.
Teachers and/or Chaperones:  During the individual contest, all teachers and chaperones are invited to Ryan Building 2023 for free coffee and goodies.
Contest Headquarters:  During the contest, students and/or teachers can find needed information by either checking the door of Ryan Building 1042, or going to Ryan Building 2023, our contest HQ.
Team Prizes:  Prizes for the Team Contest will be determined within one week of the contest.  Prizes will then be sent to the highschools to hand out. 
Solutions:  Solutions to both contests will appear appear on the website within one week of the contest. 
To help high school students prepare for the contest, the Department offered practice sessions every Tuesday evening from 7:00PM to 8:30PM starting on February 12.  The last practice session was on April 22.  Admission was free for all local area high school students.  Simply show up at Ryan Building 2023. 
For more information, please contact Dr. Adam Van Tuyl at 343-8228.
Official Contest Results 2008
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We would like to thank for the following people for volunteering their time for this year's contest:  Bobbi-Lee Anderson, Gaspar Asampana, Carrie Bragnalo, Dr. Yin Chen, Dr. Andrew Dean, Shawn Desaulniers, Laura DePiero, Andrew Holm, Dr. Wendy Huang, Marilyn Hurrell, Kevin Jurcik, Dr. Clement Kent, Dr. George Kondor, Dr. Greg Lee, Dr. Deli Li, Dr. Liping Liu, Dr. Peter Mah, Dr. Tianxuan Miao, Graham McGuire, Jessica Saliba, Chris Shortreed, Dr. Fred Ting, and Dr. Adam Van Tuyl.
And a special thank you to Uta Hickin for  taking care of  many of the small (but important) details in the weeks running up to the contest.
We are able to hold this event free of charge due to the generous donations from members and business in our community.  The following  organizations have donated to this year's contest.