Contest Instructions

Thank you for taking part in our math contest!

Please send your solutions to the problems by email to by 5pm July 2, 2020. In your email state:

1. Your name

2. The name of your school

3. The name of your math teacher

4. Your grade

Your solutions should be attached as PDF files. Use a separate file for each solution you are submitting. It is O.K. to send several emails if you are submitting solutions to more than one problem, but make sure the information above is repeated on each one. It is understood that in making a submission, you are asserting that the solution is your own work. Solutions will be judged for correctness, completeness, originality, and clarity of presentation.

The names of the students submitting the best solutions will be posted on the Math Department's web-page shortly after July 2, as will solutions to the problems.

Remember that this is not an exam!

These questions are not easy, and if you get a few of them, that is very good.