Department Activities

The Department of Mathematical Sciences and the mathematics majors get together for a number events throughout the year.  Here are some photos from some recent activities.

2013-14 Academic Year

End of Year Dinner 2014

The math club hosted an end of year dinner.

Pi Day 2014

This year, the Math Club sold pies as part of Pi Day!


Back to school


2012-13 Academic Year

End of Year Dinner 2013

At the end of the year, the math club organized a year end dinner at Boston Pizza for all the mathematics students and faculty.  Here's some photos:

Celebrating Final Talks

Drinks at the Outpost to celebrate finishing all the final talks for the honours program and master's program.


Pi Day 2013

Congratulations to Fragiskos Fragiskatos for winner this year's Pi Memorization Contest.  Fragiskos memorized 131 digits, setting a new department record.  Thank you to everyone who brought a pie to this year's Pi Day.


Sleigh Ride

The math club organized a sleigh ride as part of their activities.


Math Tankards


The undergraduates organized semi-regular meetings at the Outpost's Tankard night

Back to school dinner

Faculty and Graduate Students go out for a sushi dinner

2011-12 Academic Year

Pi Day 2012

On March 14, 2012 we held our annual celebration of Pi Day and Contest.  Congratulations to Sam Budd on winning with 82 digits.  Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and to Aaron Pearson, Ashwini Bhat, Jennifer Biermann, Carrie Bragnalo, and Maureen for the pies.



2010-11 Academic Year

Pi Day 2011

On March 14, we held our second annual celebration of Pi Day.  Congratulations to this year's winner: Jessica Reinikka.  Thanks to Aaron Pearson for the pies.


2009-10 Academic Year

Curling 2010

At the beginning of March, we spent an afternoon at the Port Arthur Curling Club.

Pi Day 2010

We celebrated a day late (on March 15, instead of March 14), but we still had lots of good pie thanks to Uta!

Pi Day 2010 
Congratulations to Samantha Renaud who won the Pi memorization contest by memorizing 101 digits!

End of Year Dinner (2010)

For this year's end of year dinner, we went to Boston Pizza, followed by bowling at Mario Bowl.
End of Year Pary 2010
For more photos, Ben Babcock has put some photos on Flickr



Do you have any photos of events from previous years?  Please send them to us and we'll post them.