Legal Services

We offer assistance in the following areas of law:

If you have a legal issue or question outside of our areas of practice, you can visit the Steps to Justice website. They have lots of information about a variety of areas of law and are a great tool to find the answers you need.  You can also visit our Resources page for phone numbers and websites of different agencies who may be able to help you.

For each of our practice areas, we offer the following legal services:

Legal information

Legal information will give you a general understanding of what the law says, as well as how to navigate the legal system.

Legal advice

Legal advice is when Community Legal Services applies the law to your case and gives you specific information about how the law applies in your situation. This may include explaining possible outcomes, helping you understand your legal situation better, or exploring your best options based on the facts in your case.


If you qualify for service, Community Legal Services can act on your behalf in court. We can help you complete any legal paper work, file documents on your behalf, and represent you at a trial or hearing.