Provincial & Traffic Offences

Can Community Legal Services help me?

Community Legal Services represents people charged with offences in the Provincial Offences Court (POA). These primarily include charges under the Highway Traffic Act, Canadian Automobile Insurance Act, Trespass to Property Act, Liquor Licence Act and the Dog Owner Liability Act.

We can help you with serious Highway Traffic Act infractions and other charges governed by the Provincial Offences Act:

  1. We accept most cases that involve fines in excess of $400 or offences that add 6 or more demerit points to your licence. You can find out more information on demerit points at the Province of Ontario's page here.
  2. We cannot represent you on some driving-related criminal offences such as impaired driving.
  3. We do not accept parking ticket cases.

If you have been charged with an offence such as Driving without Insurance, or Driving with a Suspended Licence, your matter likely qualifies.

More minor traffic offences may also qualify, depending on case volume and the availability of a Caseworker. Priority will be given to serious offences.

Please call our office at (807) 346-7815 to find out if your matter is eligible for our services.