Tenant Rights

We accept Residential Tenancy matters involving tenant rights. We only represent tenants.

We can bringĀ applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board, or negotiate with landlords on behalf of tenants in situations such as:

  • Illegal rent increases;
  • Unauthorized entry of the rental unit by the landlord;
  • Failure of the landlord to provide vital services (such as heat or running water);
  • Failure of the landlord to properly maintain or repair the rental unit (including mould remediation);
  • Failure of the landlord to take action to eliminate pest such as mice or bedbugs;
  • Improper charging of security deposit;
  • Landlord improperly using "last month's rent" as a security deposit;
  • Landlord providing a "Notice of Termination" in bad faith.

Contact us to see if your issue qualifies.

Please Note: We do not represent people at eviction hearings. If you have received a hearing notice from the Landlord and Tenant Board regarding eviction, contact: Kinna-Aweya Legal Clinic immediately at 86 S. Cumberland Street, Thunder Bay: (807) 344-2478.